Fright Month Post #3: Let’s Get Scared!

In October, we’ll review books and series that ooze with delicious creepy crawlies, heebie geebies and chilly willies.

 sebella cover


By Thea Berg


Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 14, 2014)

Available in: paperback, Kindle

At the time of this review there were two books in the Magical World of Sebella series.


Sweet and tart.

The Magical World of Sebella: Legend of Halloween lets kids devour a Halloween sugar high without the risk of cavities. A quick-paced, magical tale probably best for girls who are voracious readers, this story glories in the sweetest holiday of the year.

The story begins 24 hours before the Trick or Treat hour and is all about delicious anticipation. As one would hope, it’s filled with scary creatures like trolls and grandma-snatching werewolves, fantastic locations like a Twin Candies magical garden, and a suspenseful plot that keeps readers engaged to the end. The threat of Halloween not happening hangs over the action, and that is a powerful tool indeed.

There are some sharp bites to this candy-coated tale. The writing sometimes lacks subtlety and finesse, such as when fun names are followed by explanations like “…that really is his name.” But the biggest problem is that this book is entirely without illustrations, other than the excellent cover. One of the difficulties of self-publishing chapter books is coming up with both text and illustrations, so the absence is understood—but sorely missed.

The book ends with an entertaining reader questionnaire, so those who’ve eaten up the text will enjoy testing themselves on facts. For those who delight in Halloween, this could be a good appetizer for the big event.

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5 thoughts on “LEGEND OF HALLOWEEN

  1. This book looks cool (although I must confess we don’t celebrate Halloween)! Glad you enjoyed it and I’d love to read it. I hope my book gets as good a reception when it comes out.

    • Yes, Halloween festivities of Trick or Treat, costumes and scary decorations are definitely a uniquely American tradition. But if you know what it is, the concept is still fun to read about. Thanks for contributing to the chat, trinitygrau.

      • Actually, I’m an American too. A Californian in fact and proud of it. However, we found in our house that Halloween was just too morbid and so decided to do Family Fun Night. We junk out on pizza and chocolate (maybe candy), carve our pumpkin, and settle down to watch all three of the original Star Wars movies. It’s a lot more fun to us. Hope you enjoy your Halloween!

      • Ah, see what trouble I get in when I assume! I know many Americans don’t celebrate Halloween, for a number of reasons. This blog has a surprising number of foreign readers every day, so my mind just went there. Oops! Sounds like a great night you have. And you can’t miss with the original Star Wars movies. I think the first will always be my favorite. Luke is such a child! Thanks again for your comments here.

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