Boris cover


By Andrew Joyner


Published by: Scholastic Inc.; Reprint edition (April 30, 2013)

Available in: paperback, hardcover, Kindle, NOOK

At the time of this review there were four books in the Boris series.



Meet Boris.

This simple intro is the opening phrase in all of the Boris books, of which Boris on the Move is Book #1. Simple, funny, endearing and unique, this new series is the perfect bridge from early readers to chapter books.

Originally published in Australia, these compact stories are surprisingly rich in character development, story arc and conflict. Joyner’s expressive and joyful illustrations convey Boris’s feelings and desires, leaving the text free to remain simple and short. And yet Boris is no dumbed-down leveled reader. He goes on bushwalks, longs to visit Africa and feels the physical exhaustion of an adventure. The fact that he is a warthog just makes the illustrations and action that much more amusing.

Part of Scholastic, Inc.’s newer Branches line, Boris on the Move also includes a detailed and innovative compass making activity at the back. But you don’t need a compass to enjoy this series—it’s pointed straight and true from page one.

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