G.G. Rock Climbs



G.G. ROCK CLIMBS (The G.G. Series, Book #2)

By Marty Mokler Banks, Photo Illustrations by Alisa Mokler Harper


Published by: Switch Monkey Press (September 14, 2014)

Available in: paperback, Kindle

At the time of this review there were two books in The G.G. Series.


Sports rock.

It seems almost ridiculous but, for chapter books, there are very few sports-dedicated books. In a search of books in this blog over the past 13 months, only five books comprise the “includes sports” category. “Good books for girls” has 31.

G.G. Rock Climbs and the first book in The G.G. Series, G.G. Snowboards, explore the non-traditional sports most kids don’t get to try. Through the experience of an inner city, Hispanic, spunky, eight-year-old girl, the reader lives the joys of trying, the pain of failing, the empowerment of perseverance and the pride of accomplishing something that seemed impossible.

The G.G. Series chapter books are designed to make newly independent readers comfortable and engaged in text longer than early readers or picture books. But The G.G. Series also is about exposing kids to sports they might not think they can do. It’s about kids seeing themselves as athletes. And it’s about feeling healthy and into physical strength as much as mental strength.

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Of course it must be mentioned that I am the author of The G.G. Series books. Full disclosure and all that.